Caleb Smith

Hey there, I’m Caleb Smith. I’m an actor working and living in Winona, MN.


I’m a third-year student at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, studying theater with a focus in Acting and Directing. This is my first year at Saint Mary’s, prior to coming to Saint Mary’s I attended The University of Alabama for two years. I studied International Business my first year and Theater my second year. After studying theater at The University of Alabama for one year I realized that if I wanted to focus on acting as a career I needed to switch schools and find a style of teaching that fits me. My acting coach in Nashville, told me of Saint Mary’s and to audition for their class the following year. I did just that and now I am here. I have been focusing on straight plays, but I dabble in back stage work. I have wanted to try stage managing a show before I leave school, to see if that is something I would be interested in. This summer I will be going to London for five weeks to focus on Shakespeare works, and to work on auditioning for drama schools with Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. I did one of their courses last summer, the Summer Theater Company. Where I felt that I advanced greatly in my theater education, since the training I had done before was very minimal. I did not know how to find my objectives or my motives, what I was putting on the stage was just coming out of nowhere.

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That's what it's all about, doors and sardines. Getting on, getting off. Getting the sardines on, getting the sardines off. That's farce. That's - that's the theatre. That's life

Lloyd Dallas (Noises Off)


Now I can look at a scene and figure out how to play the character realistically. And that showed when I got a chance to play Lord Montague, in Romeo and Juliet, as my first main stage character. Though he was a character who was much older than I was, I still feel like his presence was put there on the stage by me. I wish to keep growing here at Saint Mary’s until I graduate in spring of 2021. During my final year here I will have the chance to go to London my fall semester, while I am there I am going to talk to theater companies to see if I can be hired for the coming summer. I am also going to try and audition for Royal Central’s graduate program. When I get out into the professional world I want to focus on late classical to contemporary works. Such as The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wild to Mr. Burns by Anne Washburn. I know that getting into the professional world of stage theater is very difficult and not a very good source of income when starting out, that is why I am also learning how to make drinks for bars, clubs, and restaurants. When you want to act you have to be willing to go anywhere for the job, and where ever those places may be there will always be bars, clubs, and or restaurants. So, when I am in those locations and I need to make money to pay for the rent or food, I have a skill that can get me a job anywhere I go. Whatever happens I plan on being involved in the theater since it is something I am passionate about and wish to continue and grow my skills as an actor.

- Caleb smith



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